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        Accreditations from industrial system

        日期: 2020-06-01

        Since its establishment, EMTEK Co., Ltd. has been deeply involved in the testing industry. It has a professional technical team and sophisticated testing equipment. While witnessing the development of the industry, it has accumulated rich technical experience and strictly checks for product safety. The letter test standard uses the craftsman's spirit to shape the quality of the industry, and gains the recognition and trust of customers in cooperation.

        COMPANYAccredited laboratoryCooperation scope
        LenovoEMTEKLenovo Group SloT Cooperative
        BYD Precision Manufacturing Co., Ltd.EMTEKEnvironment Reliability
        China Certification Center for Automotive ProductsEMTEK(Suzhou)Motor vehicle safety accessories products
        Changan Mazda AutomobileEMTEK(Suzhou)ELV
        Changan Suzuki EMTEK(Suzhou)Environment Reliability
        BAIC MOTOREMTEK(Suzhou)ELV、VOC、Sporadic
        Ha/MaEMTEK(Suzhou)According to CNAS accredited projects
        BAIC BJEVEMTEK(Suzhou)High and low temperature environment,Photoaging,Vibration,Gloss,Environment,Xenon,UV aging,Auto parts,Vehicle,Auto parts corrosion,Gas corrosion,Three-box,Two-box
        Ha/MaEMTEK(Wuhan)CNAS approved project scope
        Jiangling MotorsEMTEK(Wuhan)Physical&Chemical\Environment Reliability\Environmental protection and restricted substance test,Auto parts functional test,Fatigue endurance test,aChassis transmission Hydraulic test
        ZOTYE AUTOEMTEK(Wuhan)Physical and chemical testing of metal materials
        DONGFENG PEUGEOT CITROEN AUTOMOBILEEMTEK(Wuhan)Vibration durability,Environmental aging,High temperature aging,Falling ball impact,Salt spray test,Auto parts rigidity test,Auxiliary instrument panel armrest operation force,Instrument panel/auxiliary instrument debris box operation durability,Auxiliary instrument panel armrest operation durability,Seat Chair airbag static burst
        Volkswagen(CHINA)EMTEK(Wuhan)Robot test system
        Durability test system
        Climate test system



        • Tel:4008-838-258
        • Email:cs@emtek.com.cn
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