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        Schedule Site Testing

        日期: 2020-05-13

        EMTEK, has established various laboratories that were allowed to providing the site testing for rental service, you can reserve a schedule at least three days in advance for us as below contact, which will also consider our facility is nearby and it is consistent with your requirement.


        Laboratory in Shenzhen(EMC, Automotive electronics, Photovoltaic and Safety)

        Contact to: Ms. Huang

        Line: +86-755-26954280-853    

        Email: szecs@emtek.com.cn

        Laboratory in Dongguan(EMC ,Safety, Lighting, Chemistry and Performance)

        Contact to: Ms.Tong

        Line: +86-769-26626818-194    

        Email: cs01@emtek.com.cn

        Laboratory in Ningbo (EMC, Safety and Reliability)  

        Contact to: Ms.Yao
        Line: +86-574-27907998-1006

        Email: nb@emtek.com.cn 

        Laboratory in Wuhan (Functional reliability, Metallic of materials Performance)   

        Contact to: Ms.Yang

        Line: +86-27-84733628-818

        Mobile: 15387113159

        Email: wh.office@emtek.com.cn

        Laboratory in Suzhou (Chemistry, Environmental reliability, Polymer material Performance)

        Contact to: Mr.Zhao

        Line: +86-512-80996693

        Mobile: 13813374205

        Email: paul.zhao@emtek.com.cn

        Laboratory in Guangzhou (Chemistry, Functional reliability, Mechanics material Performance)

        Contact to: Ms.Lei

        Line: +86-020-82553111-8107

        Email: szc.cs4@emtek.com.cn



        • Tel:4008-838-258
        • Email:cs@emtek.com.cn
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