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        Guangzhou Laboratory

        日期: 2020-06-01

        Service capacity

        EMTEK Guangzhou Laboratory is located in Huangpu District, the center of the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong Province, with the area of more than 10,000 square meters and the total investmentexceeding 120 million yuan. Four testing departments have been established: reliability testing, physical and chemical testing, VOC testing, and material testing. Equipped with vibration testing bench, vehicle environment cabin (168m3), walk-in environment box, Halt, ABB, KUKA robot, semi-anechoic chamber (7.5m * 5m * 3.5m), ENCOPIM ejection impact system, electric full-function high Low-temperature four-door two-cover durability test bench, 64-channel pneumatic comprehensive testing platform, 8-channel electric servo testing platform and other high-end testing equipment can provide all kinds of OEMs and suppliers with automotive materials, parts, assembly parts and complete vehicles Comprehensive testing services.

        Main testing lab

        Reliability testing laboratory, physical and chemical testing laboratory, VOC testing laboratory, material testing laboratory

        Main testing field

        Automotive functional testing; Automotive electronics testing; Environmental reliability testing;parts and vehicle VOC testing; Polymer materials testing; Mmetal materials testing;Environmentally harmful banned substances testing; Food contact materials testing; Anti-mildew, antibacterial and microbiological testing;  Fabric  and leather testing; testing of toys, consumer products and light industrial products, etc.


        Contact details

        TEL: 020-8255 3111

        Add: 4/F, Building A, Hongtao Science and Technology Park, No. 38, Nanxiang 3rd Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou



        • Tel:4008-838-258
        • Email:cs@emtek.com.cn
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